Sales & Service Essentials (compact)

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This course is all about getting the most out of your relationship with your customers in a store environment where straightforward products are sold. it's all about being successful. Success means being part of a winning team which makes you more valuable - the more active you are the more successful you'll be, what's not to like?

On completing this course you will understand:

  • That sales and good service is about getting on with people well, which leads to greater job satisfaction all round.
  • Steps to a sale including how to make the first move with customers and why it can make a big difference to how you both feel.
  • How to 'suss' customers out and look for buying signals.
  • That product knowledge is key to successful sales.
  • How to increase sales, by up selling, linking products, offering alternatives, the power of touch and offering an opinion.
  • That there are many different types of people and understanding these types and adjusting your style to theirs helps with rapport and maximising sales.
  • That even a difficult situation can be made a whole lot easier with some simple things like making eye contact and smiling, letting people know what's going on and not struggling on but calling for help if needed.
  • The simple rules for managing queues and signalling for help.
  • That after making a great first impression you then have to deliver on your promise to be friendly and helpful.
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Rating 3.89
Rating number 5,639
Core Sector Retail
Sub-sector Clothing, Electrical, Entertainment, Apprenticeships, Fitness, Health, Home/DIY, Beauty, Fashion, Grocery, Leisure, Sport
Business Outcomes Sales, Service
Skill Type/Topic Communication
Job Type Food and Beverage, Customer Assistant, Sales Assistant
Author Upskill People

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