Manual Handling Awareness (Construction/Rail)

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This course will take around 20 minutes

You want to look after your body better and ensure a healthy, injury-free life, at work and at home, right? Well, if you understand how to undertake manual handling tasks correctly, you can. 

On completing the course you will understand: 

  • what manual handling is, how it’s risk assessed and the best ways to prevent injury 
  • what injuries can occur from poor handling techniques (it isn’t just back injuries) 
  • the legal requirements that apply to you and your employer 
  • about the TILE risk assessment technique 
  • about organising your workplace to reduce the risk of a manual handling injury 
  • about manual handling equipment which can help reduce risk
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Core Sector Warehousing, Distribution, Construction
Sub-sector Rail, Building Construction
Business Outcomes Induction/Onboarding, Wellbeing, Compliance
Skill Type/Topic Health and Safety, Equipment
Job Type Construction Manager, Construction Supervisor, Construction Worker
Author Kenmac/HSQE