Managing People: Episode 7 - Managing Talent

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Recognise high performing individuals, develop emerging talent and motivate team members to continuously improve.

Leading a team is an ongoing process and taking a step back to look at the bigger picture can be a challenge when in a busy role. However, forward planning is vital if you are to maintain a high performing team.

In this final episode of the series, you’ll learn the importance of regularly evaluating the performance of your people. You must continuously monitor performance to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to develop team members. You’ll discover the need to keep people motivated and engaged (including yourself!), even when there is no immediate opportunity for career progression.

Story: Charlotte is due her three-month probation period review – an opportunity to reflect on her team now: what she has achieved, what the team has achieved themselves and the effect this has had on the business.

One member of staff will be going on maternity leave soon, so temporary cover needs to be organised. In conversation, Charlotte learns that another valued member of the team has been offered a job with a rival company. This forces her to look at how she can retain all of her top performers – even when there may be no immediate opportunities for development.

If there’s one thing Charlotte has learned in her role as Manager, it’s that there will always be challenges and new problems to solve.

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Job Type Manager, Deputy Manager, Supervisor, Director, Operations Director, Finance Director, HR Manager
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