Managing People: Episode 6 - Appraisals

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Carry out an evidence-based assessment of an individual’s performance, manage an effective appraisal meeting and set meaningful objectives

As their manager, your team looks to you for recognition of the job they’re doing. Conducting effective appraisals is crucial to increasing and maintaining high levels of motivation, performance and efficiency.

In this episode, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to prepare for and deliver appraisals. Your team should feel engaged and valued as their skills, understanding and performances are acknowledged. You’ll also learn how to address areas of improvement through objective setting and deal successfully with disagreement in an appraisal meeting.

Story: Rise and Dine Deli’s annual appraisals have not been efficiently carried out over the past few years, so Charlotte is determined to make sure that all employees have a proper review. She’s had appraisal meetings with some of the team already and is feeling upbeat about her conversation with chef Tom. However, things don’t go to plan and she’s faced with a very difficult situation.

Charlotte finds herself having to think quickly in the face of an unexpected outburst from another member of the team. This forces her to assess her own performance and reflect on how she could have handled some things differently.

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Rating number 347
Core Sector Hospitality, Retail, Business, Distribution, Charity
Sub-sector Restaurant, Hotel, Clothing, Quick Service Restaurant, Pub/bar, Catering
Business Outcomes Recruitment, Retention, Induction/Onboarding, Wellbeing, Development, Performance
Skill Type/Topic Appraisals, Coaching, Communication, Teamwork, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Management, Problem Solving, Equality
Job Type Manager, Deputy Manager, Supervisor, Director, Operations Director, Finance Director, HR Manager
Author Upskill People