Managing People: Episode 2 - Wellbeing

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Confidently manage mental health and wellbeing to create and maintain a culture of care

Learn to recognise when someone might be struggling with a personal or work-related issue that is affecting their wellbeing. Learn what to look out for and how to approach team members who may be experiencing a mental health issue.

This episode gives you confidence to make changes that remove the stigma of mental health issues in the workplace. You’ll discover how you can create a culture of communication and empathy to help your team perform at its best.

Story: Charlotte is concerned for the wellbeing of a couple of her team. Rosie has been turning up late for work, seems unhappy and is often scruffy. Anna has been making a lot of mistakes recently and has left jobs half-finished. She’s also being snappy with colleagues.

Charlotte must find the right way to engage with her team members, handling difficult conversations with sensitivity and empathy. She must also tackle the behaviour that is having an adverse effect on the team.

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Core Sector Hospitality, Retail, Business, Distribution, Charity
Sub-sector Restaurant, Hotel, Clothing, Quick Service Restaurant, Pub/bar, Catering
Business Outcomes Recruitment, Retention, Induction/Onboarding, Wellbeing, Development, Performance
Skill Type/Topic Appraisals, Coaching, Communication, Teamwork, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Management, Problem Solving, Equality
Job Type Manager, Deputy Manager, Supervisor, Director, Operations Director, Finance Director, HR Manager
Author Upskill People