Hazard Awareness (Construction)

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This course will take around 20 minutes

Knowing and understanding the hazard reporting process in the construction industry is important in helping to create a safer workplace environment, for both you and your colleagues. The course helps you identify different types of hazards, engages you in scenarios, as well as running you through the hazard reporting process. 

On completing the course you will understand: 

  • what a hazard is and the different types 
  • the importance of reporting hazards, why and how we do it and what happens if we don’t 
  • why we reward and recognise people for reporting hazards
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Core Sector Construction
Sub-sector Rail, Building Construction
Business Outcomes Induction/Onboarding, Wellbeing, Compliance
Job Type Manager, Supervisor, Construction Manager, Construction Supervisor, Construction Worker
Author Kenmac/HSQE