Food Hygiene (Complete)

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Anyone dealing with food needs to know how to do it safely and hygienically, so it's safe to eat. This course explains what food poisoning and contamination is and the essential and practical skills required to prevent it, and how to identify hazards and control the risk to health from unsafe food practices.

You will learn:

  • the consequences of poor food hygiene and how important food safety is
  • how food poisoning is caused and what its effects are
  • about the different types of contamination and how they make food unsafe
  • the sources of bacteria and how they spread, and the major illness causing bacteria
  • about the need to report illness and follow the personal hygiene rules
  • how food safety laws are enforced and the powers of enforcement officers
  • what due diligence means and how it protects us
  • the principles of HACCP and the controls to observe in the critical stages of food flow
  • why and how we need to keep food areas clean and follow the 'clean as you go' rule and the cleaning schedules
  • common chemical cleaning substances and how these agents work: sanitisers, detergents and disinfectants
  • the stages to effective deep cleaning and how to clean safely
  • the common pests that are attracted to food and why they need to be controlled
  • how to prevent pest infestation and recognise signs of pests in the workplace
  • how to recognise and manage fatigue in yourself and others
  • how to understand and act upon wellbeing issues
  • influencing and negotiation skills to create a safety culture
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Rating 3.12
Rating number 1,125
Core Sector Hospitality, Retail
Sub-sector Restaurant, Hotel, Quick Service Restaurant, Pub/bar, Catering, Events, Health, Grocery
Business Outcomes Compliance
Skill Type/Topic Health and Safety
Job Type Kitchen, Food and Beverage, Customer Assistant, Sales Assistant, Front of House
Author Upskill People

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